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No Matter Who is Elected to Office, Our Work Continues

By Veronica Coptis / November 18, 2022
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One thing is clear after this past election: Your votes do matter. However, the fight to protect our communities and health from pollution never stops at the polls. CCJ will be here with you, continuing to support our communities and advocating for true economic solutions while protecting our health, environment, and local economy. With Josh […]

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Voter Registration Access is Expanded, Thanks to Governor Wolf’s Executive Order

By Paul Fedore / September 16, 2022
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On September 7th, Governor Wolf signed Executive Order 2022-03. This order designates September as Voter Registration Month, and is also an expansion of voter registration opportunities. The order designates seven existing government entities as Voter Registration Distribution Agencies (VRDA). These agencies will be required to provide voter registration literature and services to eligible Pennsylvanians. Following […]

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Legislative Consideration in PA: What Happens in Each Phase?

By Nina Victoria / September 7, 2022
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Pennsylvania’s Constitution requires that every bill be considered three different times in the House of Representatives and the Senate. PA. CONST. art. III, § 4. Every time that a bill is considered, it is given a different status. When introduced, the bill is under “first consideration,” next it is under “second consideration,” and finally it […]

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How to Better Your Community with Mutual Aid

By Saint Soulaani / August 31, 2022
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The term mutual aid has popped up more within the last two years, yet it has been around for quite some time. Since the start of the pandemic, thousands of mutual aid projects have created a space where people in communities can access necessities including food, clothes, personal protective equipment, shelter, and other needs.

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