Justice for the Coalfields!

We fight for coalfield communities through advocacy, education, and organizing.

Southwestern Pennsylvania has an extraordinary overlap of extractive industries and is home to the largest producing underground coal mine in North America as well as over three thousand fracked gas drilling and midstream operations. For over a century, these extractive industries have controlled our local economies to create a captive workforce who is dependent upon them to meet their basic needs. In short, these industries have dictated to the people of this region what they are worth and what future they deserve.

The Center for Coalfield Justice is working with residents in Washington and Greene Counties to shift that power back to the people who love and care about the places they call home.

We stand for people.

For our communities.

For families, whether chosen or biological, and whichever form yours takes.

We stand for working to prevent harm and creating an environment and economy where everyone can thrive.

We are excited to work with all of you to improve our quality of life in southwestern Pennsylvania.


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“CCJ works to make our community better for ALL of us, by connecting us to one another and to the issues and policies that influence our lives and the place we call home. CCJ is doing vital work that no one else is doing here, and that so many rural communities like ours need. The impacts of CCJ’s commitment to our community and to justice resonate well beyond our county lines and are truly shifting power. CCJ works to elevate our community and all others who are united in a vision of a more just and healthier, greener future.”

- Leann L, Washington, PA

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