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All of our work is informed and directed by people who live in Washington and Greene Counties. We work with people around the issues that are impacting them, which typically fall into four pillars: Coal, Oil/Gas & Petrochemical, Economic Justice, and Democracy. Through our work in these categories, our focus is to invest in the leadership of those who are most impacted and to help create communities of people that possess the skills and analysis to advocate for their basic rights to a healthy environment and thriving economy.

Directly below, you can access more information on the different facets of our work, and our blogs appear beneath, beginning with the most recent.

Updates on our Work


Press Release: Cecil Township to Hold Public Hearing on Oil and Gas Ordinance Amendments Tonight

By Lisa DePaoli | June 5, 2024

Tonight, Cecil Township convened a public hearing at 6:00 PM to deliberate amendments to its Oil and Gas Ordinance. Community advocates and residents are rallying for increased setbacks beyond the proposed 1,000 feet, emphasizing the urgent need to enhance safety measures.

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Arden Landfill Joshua Pribanic for Public Herald

Arden Seeks Renewal of Air Pollution Permit – Make Your Voice Heard

By Ethan Story | June 4, 2024

Per the Air Pollution Control Act, operations that emit major sources of air pollution are required to obtain, and operate in compliance with an operating permit. In Pennsylvania, these permits are known as Title V Permits. Each permit lays out what kind of pollution is being emitted, how much, and what steps the operator is taking to reduce air pollution. When an operator applies for a new or renewed application, the DEP allows for a 30-day public comment period.

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Bailey Fire Press Release 1

Press Release: Cause of fire, what was burning still unknown after Omnis Bailey fire

By Lisa DePaoli | June 4, 2024

Critical details regarding the fire that consumed a three-story building owned and operated by Omnis Bailey LLC on May 20 remain unknown. The blaze sent thick black plumes of smoke over miles of Washington and Greene Counties, raising significant public health and safety concerns. Despite the gravity of the situation, neither Omnis Bailey nor CONSOL have provided clear information about the incident, particularly regarding the chemicals involved in the fire beyond diesel fuel.

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SB 831 Title Only

Tell your PA House Representative to VOTE NO on Dangerous Energy Bill!

By Nina Victoria | May 31, 2024

When new energy projects are built in our communities, they must go through a thorough permitting process and comply with many state regulations that are meant to protect us. However, […]

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T. Auth Fracktracker

The History of Road Dumping and Why Pennsylvania Should Ban It

By Jason Capello | May 29, 2024

Ted Auch, FracTracker Alliance, 2015. There is a long history of regulating “road dumping” which, essentially, is the disposal of oil and gas wastewater onto public roads. Due to some […]

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HEI Blog Graphic

Tonya and Jodi Reflect on the Health Effects Institute Conference in Philadelphia

By Jodi Borello | May 28, 2024

The Health Effects Institute is a nonprofit corporation that provides impartial and relevant science on the health effects of air pollution. The Philly Conference covered several topics that were of […]

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Bailey Fire Press Release

Press Release: Chemical fire at a building at Bailey Mine in East Finley

By Lisa DePaoli | May 20, 2024

The Center for Coalfield Justice (CCJ) is deeply concerned about the chemical fire that broke out early this morning at the Omnis Bailey Plant, located on the CONSOL Energy property in Greene County. The fire has necessitated an extended response from local and regional fire crews and first responders, raising significant environmental and public health concerns.

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Updates on the Bailey Omnis Prep Plant

By CCJ | May 20, 2024

Early this morning, a large fire was reported above ground at the Bailey Prep Plant in West Finley, PA. So far, we know that first responders are on the scene, […]

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Green Manufacturing Blog Graphic

Just Transition and the Green Manufacturing Boom

By Jason Capello | May 14, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of global energy, the transition towards renewable resources is murky and unclear. Yet, amidst this transformation, it’s imperative to ensure that no one is left behind. […]

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Agency Guide Graphic

Introducing a New CCJ Resource: Pennsylvania Agency Guide

By Nina Victoria | May 14, 2024

As part of our mission to provide people with the information that they need to know, CCJ is proud to introduce our newest resource: the Pennsylvania Agency Guide! This guide […]

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Opioid Settlement County Spending Update Graphic

How Have Washington and Greene Counties Spent Opioid Settlement Funds so Far?

By Paul Fedore | May 13, 2024

CCJ has been working closely with community members, service providers, and other local advocates to encourage the county to spend opioid settlement funds in a way that increases and expands […]

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Cecil Ordinance Graphic 2. 1

Press Release: Hundreds of Residents Warn Against “Living in Dystopia” to Cecil Board Hearing Wednesday

By Lisa DePaoli | May 8, 2024

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contacts: Lisa DePaoli, 412-229-7116, lisa@centerforcoalfieldjustice.orgArielle Cohen, 516-983-5440, arielle@acohen.llc  HUNDREDS OF RESIDENTS WARN AGAINST “LIVING IN A DYSTOPIA” TO CECIL BOARD HEARING WEDNESDAY Area residents and homeowners […]

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