CCJ’s Statement on the US Capitol Attack

Photo: Graeme Sloan (IG: @graeme.sloan)

We have witnessed in horror, alongside all of you, the violence in Washington, DC that was unleashed by President Trump and aided by many Republicans; those who remained silent in complicity, and those who joined in through their own attacks on the will of the people. Let’s not mince words: this was an attack on our country and our people, brought on by a president who refuses to accept that millions of us turned out to stand with and for each other and elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris by overwhelming margins.

In America, voters pick our leaders, our leaders do not pick and choose which voices to heed and which to silence. In the middle of a pandemic, Americans turned out in record numbers and elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Republicans could not keep Americans from voting and could not stop local election administrators from counting. Now that dozens of courts have thrown out Trump’s lawsuits and recounts have verified the outcome of the election, some Republicans want to undermine the will of the people. This will only serve to hurt our country by sowing doubts about millions of Black, young, poor, and new American voters. They hope to divide and distract us in a desperate attempt to hold onto power, instead of doing their duty and delivering economic and public health relief.

The voters decided, and we must honor every vote equally. We must also hold anyone undermining the will of the people’s will to account.

Yesterday we saw those sworn to serve and protect us fail to stop, or worse assist, a mob of armed white vigilantes threatening our elected government. We’ve seen over and over how police target, detain and even kill Black people protesting for equal justice. Erin Haeney, Director of Showing up for Racial Justice says, “What we are seeing unfold is part of the predictable and historic pattern of white backlash and violence in response to Black-led movement victories. What has unfolded this week – both the good and the bad – underscores the need for those of us who are white to be organizing within our own communities. When we join up as part of Black-led multiracial coalitions, we contribute to winning powerful progressive victories. When we neglect the work of organizing our own, white supremacy festers and grows, escalates violence, and undermines democracy.”

We must work together to organize all our neighbors to fight for what we know keeps us safe: living in communities where people of every color and background have fair wages, great schools, and affordable healthcare; where we address problems with proven solutions like social supports. We know what keeps us safe – and it starts with coming together to swear in new leaders who reflect the very best of every kind of American.

We the people have pulled through everything that has been intended to divide, derail, and dishonor our most basic rights. At this moment some Republicans are trying to divide and distract us because we indeed are working together to provide for the people’s economic well-being. We must take bold action to make this country a true democracy where we stand with and for each other and where our elected officials and public servants respect our rights, no matter who we are.

Therefore, we join the growing number of individuals and organizations who have called for President Trump, along with his Republican co-conspirators, from Senators and House Members to state legislators who fed, fueled and fomented these attacks on our democracy to be removed or resign. All those who participated in this insurrection, especially those who attacked the U.S. Capitol, must be investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law once Donald Trump is removed.

On January 20, our democracy will prevail. But only thanks to the organizers, activists, and election officials in communities across this country who protected the election results. We have just faced one of the greatest threats to our democracy ever. To meet the moment, President-elect Biden must make reforming our political system from the ground up a top priority on Day One.

To our members and supporters, we ask that you sign this petition, which demands the expulsion of members of Congress who violated their oaths of office by seeking to overturn the results of the 2020 election.


Nurture & Protect | Mir Suhail (IG: @mirsuhail) | Digital Illustration Commissioned by Culture Surge

Nurture & Protect | Mir Suhail (IG: @mirsuhail) | Digital Illustration Commissioned by Culture Surge


  • Veronica Coptis joined the CCJ staff in March 2013 as a Community Organizer and is now serving as the Executive Director. She grew up in western Greene County near the Bailey Mine Complex and currently lives in the eastern part of the county. Before joining the CCJ staff, Veronica served on the Board of Directors for CCJ and organized with Mountain Watershed Association. She received a bachelor’s degree in biology from West Virginia University. She enjoys hiking and geocaching at Ryerson State Park and other areas around Greene County with her husband and daughters. Read more about Veronica in a New Yorker Magazine profile at https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/07/03/the-future-of-coal-country.

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