DRYerson Festival 2021: Finally Together Again!

Posted Jul 7, 2021, by Sarah Martik


We had a wonderful time at our 15th annual DRYerson festival! It is hard to believe it has been 16 years since we lost Duke Lake, but we are heartened to still gather as a community at Ryerson and celebrate what we have and have fought so hard to protect.

  Part of the CCJ staff with the BLM Wash Summer Fellows
Part of the CCJ staff with the BLM Wash Summer Fellows

On Saturday, June 26th we were excited to see about 50 people show up throughout the afternoon. For many of us, this was our first opportunity to be together after over 15 months, so it was extra special to finally be safely in community again. It was a hot day, but not our hottest DRYerson Festival (we’ve had some real scorchers)! We enjoyed delicious boxed lunches from Kiln to Table and wonderful music by Dan Baker. Kids were able to paint flower pots and plant flowers to take home, eat cotton candy and snow cones, and tie-dye CCJ t-shirts. Many adults enjoyed the tie-dye too! Overall it was a relaxing and celebratory afternoon.

We also launched our new logo and merchandise to those that attended DRYerson. Many of our DRYerson attendees are some of our longest and most staunch supporters, and we wanted to share our exciting new revamp with them first. For those who couldn’t attend, our merchandise will soon be available on our new website. We are so excited to have a logo that celebrates what our annual DRYerson festival is also all about – our community here in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Stay tuned for details on our other big yearly event – our Fall Fundraiser (mark your calendar for September 24th)! We hope to see you there too!


  • Sarah Martik

    Sarah joined the CCJ team as a Community Organizer in 2017 after previous work in performing arts and foreign language education, and became our Executive Director in 2023. A resident of Coal Center, PA, she is excited to work on issues related to legacy coal mining and the connection between the Appalachian petrochemical buildout and increases in fracking in southwestern PA communities like hers. She has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Policy but often says that her undergraduate degree in Theatre from the California University of Pennsylvania has been more useful in her work than anything else (ask her why sometimes!). When she is not working, Sarah loves spending time with her fiancé, niece, and nephews, and going on walks with her "fur kid" Lucy. Contact Sarah at smartik@centerforcoalfieldjustice.org.

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