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Before longwall mining

Environmental Hearing Board Overturns Permit for Destructive Mining Upstream of Ryerson Station State Park

By Veronica Coptis / August 15, 2017
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Greene County, PA–The Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board (EHB) rejected a revised underground longwall mining permit issued by the state’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) in 2015 that allowed Consol Pennsylvania Coal Company (Consol) to cause extensive damage to a stream called Polen Run, which flows into Ryerson Station Station State Park. “We greatly appreciate all […]

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Duke Lake Sign

Legal Update on Protecting Streams in Ryerson

By Sarah Winner / August 2, 2017
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Our permit appeals before the Environmental Hearing Board are moving forward. The most recent updates are below. Permit Revision No. 204 Permit Revision No. 204 authorizing longwall mining beneath Kent Run and Polen Run in the 3L panel of the Bailey Lower East Expansion. This portion of Kent Run flows within Ryerson Station State Park. […]

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Kent Run Ryerson

DCNR and Consol reach an agreement on stream remediation within Ryerson Station State Park

By Sarah Winner / May 17, 2017
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Kent Run Ryerson Winter

Environmental Hearing Board Protects Kent Run in Ryerson Station State Park

By Patrick / January 24, 2017
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Today, the Environmental Hearing Board issued CCJ and Sierra Club’s petition for supersedeas to protect Kent Run in Ryerson Station State Park from mining. Read our press statement below: Community Groups Praise Environmental Hearing Board for Protecting Ryerson Station State Park The Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board (EHB) has forbidden Consol Pennsylvania Coal Company (Consol) from […]

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We Had a Court Hearing on Mining in Ryerson: Here’s What Happened

By Patrick / January 23, 2017
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Chances are if you’re reading this message, you already know that the Center for Coalfield Justice and the Sierra Club have been fighting for Ryerson Station State Park in front of the Environmental Hearing Board for many years now. After with the loss of Duke Lake in 2005, we have taken action time and time again to prevent Consol from destroying Ryerson.

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Protect what's left Ryerson

We’re Back in Court to Defend Ryerson

By Patrick / January 6, 2017
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For years, we have been fighting side by side with the Sierra Club against Consol’s plans to illegally mine coal from underneath Ryerson Station State Park. There was a three week trial over the summer about this issue; ultimately deciding whether the state-permitted plan to destroy streams and “rebuild” them later was consistent with the […]

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