The American Rescue Plan and Local Municipalities

Posted Apr 4, 2022, by Paul Fedore

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The American Rescue Plan Act, also known as ARPA, has brought $98.9 million to Washington County and just over $7 million to Greene County. The Center for Coalfield Justice believes that the residents within these communities know what’s best when it comes to their needs and the needs of their communities. Therefore, community members should be involved in decision-making when deciding how these funds will be used.

CCJ wants to encourage residents across Washington County to engage locally on how ARPA funds will be spent. For example, in an effort to involve the community members in the decision-making process, the borough council of Canonsburg has held two public workshops and will most likely hold more to gather community input on the spending of more than $900,000 in federal COVID relief funds. Community members have been encouraged to bring any ideas to the table. This is a great example of how local leadership and the communities they serve can work together to increase transparency and make sure that the community’s needs are being met.

How are ARP funds being spent in your municipality? Have community members been invited to the table to discuss the needs of residents? CCJ would like to support residents in getting engaged. You can see what your community is receiving in American Rescue Plan funds below, and you can find more information about these funds on the Department of Community & Economic Development’s website.

If you have a couple of minutes and ideas on how your community will benefit from the use of these funds, please fill out this brief survey.


Washington County 
Municipality ARP Allocation Amount
Canonsburg $916,902.30
City of Washington  $1,406,021.52
California Borough  $656,903.98
Buffalo Township $210,908.46
Marianna Borough $49,299.20
Peters Township $2,307,328.12
Cecil Township $1,366,351.90
Monongahela City $429,353.10
Houston Borough $129,580.48
Chartiers Township $848,239.30
North Strabane Township $1,515,086.84
South Strabane Township $987,030.68
East Washington Borough $189,451.28
Canton Township $844,471.20
North Franklin Township $473,314.18
South Franklin Township $332,952.76
Green Hills Borough $2,930.74
Morris Township $114,822.12
East Finley Township $142,036.12
West Finley Township $90,329.54
Claysville Borough $85,619.42
Blaine Township $70,128.38
Hopewell Township $97,761.04
West Middletown Borough $13,921.00
Cross Creek Township $155,433.78
Independence Township $156,794.48
Jefferson Township $118,276.20
Donora Borough $477,500.94
New Eagle Borough $218,235.30
Charleroi Borough $408,314.60
Coal Center Borough $13,711.66
West Brownsville Borough $100,273.10
Amwell Township $380,995.94
Donegal Township $255,183.54
McDonald Borough $214,571.88
North Charleroi Borough $131,987.88
Speers Borough $111,577.38
Union Township $594,311.78


Greene County
Municipality ARP Allocation Amount
Franklin $721,380.22
Carmichaels $46,263.80
Waynesburg $415,013.42
Greensboro $25,225.28
Monongahela $156,794.48
Cumberland $644,448.34
Greene $42,705.04
Dunkard $235,191.72
Washington $104,669.22
Morris $80,490.62
Gray $21,352.52
Richhill $85,410.08
Aleppo $50,136.56
Jackson $48,461.84


  • Paul Fedore

    Paul Fedore has been a resident of Washington County for four years and previously worked with Washington County United, a chapter of PA United, as a canvasser fighting for economic, environmental, and racial justice. He loves camping, hiking, fishing, and boating. Paul joined CCJ’s team in July 2020 as the Field Program Coordinator to help deepen and strengthen our relationships with communities in southwestern Pennsylvania and to ensure that people have a pathway to engage in improving their communities. He is excited to work with everyone to hold fossil fuel companies and our elected officials accountable and to organize to build power in our small towns and rural communities. Contact Paul at paul@centerforcoalfieldjustice.org.

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