Halloween Family Movie Night was Fun!

Posted Nov 1, 2022, by Allison Evans

The Center for Coalfield Justice hosted a Halloween Family Movie Night on October 8th at Firefly Gardens in downtown Washington. Local teens from the Teen Center joined us, as did younger children and grandchildren of our members. Our evening started with a costume contest which had three categories: Scariest, Most Creative, and Best Overall. Everyone who attended got a chance to vote in the contest. We loved seeing everyone’s creativity in their choice of costumes. Congratulations to our three winners Olivia, Lizzy, and Bryson! 

It was so nice to relax at Firefly Gardens on a brisk October evening. Pam Kilgore, the steward of the garden, helped us decorate by creating a spooky graveyard. We used caution tape to protect newly dug flower beds and brought lots of Halloween decorations in to add to the ambiance of the garden in fall.  It was a fun and spooky vibe: the perfect setting to watch the original Hocus Pocus, cozied up with warm blankets, steaming hot chocolate, and popcorn under a full October moon.🌕🍁We also enjoyed amazing Hocus Pocus-themed cookies made by our newest team member, the very talented Alli Greenlief!

Our team at CCJ would like to thank Pam at Firefly Gardens and Mary Jo at the Common Ground Teen Center for being excellent community partners and leaders. Firefly Gardens hosted us three times this year for movie nights, and the Teen Center partnered with us on two of those occasions. We really enjoy getting to know the young people from the center; we hope to continue to cultivate relationships with them over the upcoming years, to help provide them with fun things to do in Washington, and to be a resource for them if they have questions or concerns about climate change and energy extraction in our area. 

We are passionate about investing in our communities in different ways. Hosting events is a way to give folks in Washington and Greene Counties an opportunity to gather, celebrate, get to know one another, and build collective power together. The theme of this event was “Climate Change is Scary.” We gave everyone an informative fact sheet on climate change that also inspires hope because we at CCJ are hopeful that the work we do everyday, and the support you give us, makes a difference! If we work together things can change! If you haven’t attended one of our in-person events, please consider doing so next year so you can get to know us and your fellow community members.

Thanks to all who attended, and a special thanks to those who got in the holiday spirit by dressing up and participating in our costume contest. We are looking forward to more movie nights next summer! 🎥🍿


  • Allison Evans

    Allison Evans (she/her) is our Events Coordinator and was born and raised in Washington County. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Studio Art with a minor in History from Westminster College and an Associate of Science in Fashion Design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Allison is an artist, a photographer, and an activist whose passion for activism and social justice brought her to CCJ. She serves on the board of a local non-profit, ReVisions, that strives to fight racism by addressing its roots in our educational system and teaching the next generation about diversity and inclusivity. Allison also has ties to the fracking industry. The family farm she grew up on had a well pad, and her husband worked for the industry for years. She saw firsthand how fracking and energy extraction affects people in her community. Allison has a passion for sustainability, growing her own food, and composting. She loves gardening with her husband Jason, spending time with family and friends, trips to the ocean, camping, and spoiling her cats, Kitty and Katniss. Contact Allison at allison@centerforcoalfieldjustice.org.

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