Updates on the Bailey Omnis Prep Plant

Posted May 20, 2024, by CCJ

Bailey Omni Fire
Bailey FIre 2
Early this morning, a large fire was reported above ground at the Bailey Prep Plant in West Finley, PA. So far, we know that first responders are on the scene, residents are being evacuated, and the building contains "an unknown amount of diesel fuel" and other chemicals for a "frother."
Right now, the biggest known concern is high levels of particulate matter from the burning diesel and structure. Particulate matter can increase the risk of asthma attacks and harm respiratory and cardiovascular health if exposed for long periods of time. We recommend avoiding outdoor activity and wearing a high-quality mask if you do go outside while we await more information about the other chemicals involved.

CCJ will post updates here, and on our Facebook page, as we get them!

Bailey 4
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If you see/smell/taste/hear something that concerns you during this emergency, we urge you to do the following:

1) Document it – take photos & videos and/or write down exactly what you experience with a time and date
2) Contact the PA Department of Health – Read how to file a complaint with the PA Department of Health below!
3) Let us know – CCJ will be doing what we can to help gather and share information to help residents stay safe, so keep us in the loop and help protect your neighbors! You can contact us at info@centerforcoalfieldjustice.org or call 724-229-3550
*Residents have been reporting a sweet smell and a metalic salty taste.

How to File a Complaint with the PA Department of Health:

1) Call 1-877-PA-HEALTH to report a public health emergency and notify DOH of a condition. If there is an active emergency and your health is in immediate danger, call 911 BEFORE contacting DOH.
2) Email env.health.concern@pa.gov or call 717-787-3350 with any environmental health concerns. This is especially important if you live near coal, oil, gas, plastics, or other industry activity as issues at those sites will have information that is shared with the Department of Environmental Protection as well.
3) Fill out the Department of Health Contact Form at https://forms.health.pa.gov/health-contact-us/ even if you took one of the actions above. This helps them gather data for follow up questions and future action and settlements.
We urge you to also reach out to us at CCJ with your complaints so we can help amplify and gather information about what health impacts are facing our region. Call us at 724-229-3550 or email info@centerforcoalfieldjustice.org


12:50PM: CCJ's Press Release: Cause of fire, what was burning still unknown after Omnis Bailey fire

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June 4, 2024

1:00PM: CCJ Issues Press Release

12:30PM: via Claysville Volunteer Fire Department Facebook Post: CVFD units are still on scene however some mutual aid units are starting to return. Traffic delays in area should still be expected.

11:25AM: Claysville Volunteer Fire Department Facebook Post: Units are still on scene. Traffic delays in the area should still be expected, use alternate route if possible.

10:57AM: CBS reports diesel fuel in the building and other hazardous materials. The facility uses a machine to take out slurry from the mine and reproduce it to make fertilizer.

10:00AM: DEP requested "dust tracks" and Over RAE (particulate measuring equipment) monitoring equipment. They are asking for air monitoring from PA18 at Nineva to PA231 (Per EPCRA).

8:20AM: DEP on scene (Per EPCRA)

7:48AM: WPXI coverage

7:08AM: Claysville Volunteer Fire Department announced on Facebook that Units are currently working a fire at the Bailey Omnis Plant- this will be an extended operation, expect traffic delays in the area of Enon Church Rd. 

7:00AM: Reports of evacuating residents on Enon Church Road

Approximately 6:50AM: Chemical fire reported to 911; 320 Enon Church Road

May 20, 2024

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