Nina Victoria

Nina Victoria is excited to join the CCJ team as our Community Advocate. She was previously our Policy Fellow. Before beginning work at CCJ, Nina graduated from Duquesne University School of Law, where she served as Editor-In-Chief of JOULE: Duquesne Energy & Environmental Law Journal and an intern for PA State Senator James Brewster’s office. Before law school, Nina attended the University of Washington where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. As a lifelong resident of Coal Center, PA, Nina is passionate about protecting the health and safety of the residents of Southwestern PA and our natural resources. Whether it is gardening, paddleboarding, or playing with her dog, when Nina is not working you will likely find her outside enjoying the fresh air.

Contact Nina at nina@centerforcoalfieldjustice.org.

Blog Posts by Nina Victoria

Introducing a New CCJ Resource: Pennsylvania Agency Guide

By Nina Victoria | May 14, 2024

As part of our mission to provide people with the information that they need to know, CCJ is proud to introduce our newest resource: the Pennsylvania Agency Guide! This guide is intended to provide more information about agencies that could be involved in portions of our work.  Agencies are part of the executive branch of […]

On the Move: Senate Bills 832 and 1058

By Nina Victoria | March 27, 2024

The Senate has several bills on the verge of passing and heading to the House. A few could affect the future of energy development and a just transition for fossil fuel workers in Pennsylvania. One of these bills, SB 832, would establish an Independent Energy Office in our state. This office would analyze laws, regulations, […]

Tell Your PA Legislators to VOTE NO on Senator Yaw’s Carbon Dioxide Injection and Storage Bill!

By Nina Victoria | March 20, 2024

A dangerous bill introduced by Senator Yaw is making its way through the Pennsylvania State Legislature after Governor Shapiro said carbon capture and storage was part of his Energy Plan. SB 831 would allow projects to move forward without the consent of all landowners within the footprint and require landowners to prove that the project […]

2023 is an Important Election Year! Part Two: County and Municipal Elections

By Nina Victoria | October 18, 2023

The upcoming November 7th election may seem to lack luster – we will not be voting for President or Governor – but we do have the opportunity to vote for county and municipal officials – positions that make decisions that affect our everyday lives. *For this blog, we list candidates in the order they appear […]

2023 is an Important Election Year! Part One: Judicial Elections

By Nina Victoria | October 18, 2023

It’s an “off-year” for elections – we don’t vote for President, Governor, or for state or federal congressional representatives. But this is still an important election year. This year, Pennsylvanians have the opportunity to vote for judges and municipal officials – positions that make decisions that affect our everyday lives. *For this blog, we list […]

What is Environmental Justice, Anyway?

By Nina Victoria | June 27, 2023

The term environmental justice gets thrown around a lot. President Biden talks about it, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has environmental justice policies, CCJ works on environmental justice issues, but what is it and how does it actually help people and communities? What is Environmental Justice? The environmental justice movement has its roots in […]

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