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Here are the latest articles written by the Center for Coalfield Justice team on the subject of coal. We regularly publish new information, so check back often for new articles.

Bailey Fire Press Release 1

Press Release: Cause of fire, what was burning still unknown after Omnis Bailey fire

By Lisa DePaoli | June 4, 2024

Critical details regarding the fire that consumed a three-story building owned and operated by Omnis Bailey LLC on May 20 remain unknown. The blaze sent thick black plumes of smoke over miles of Washington and Greene Counties, raising significant public health and safety concerns. Despite the gravity of the situation, neither Omnis Bailey nor CONSOL have provided clear information about the incident, particularly regarding the chemicals involved in the fire beyond diesel fuel.

Bailey Fire Press Release

Press Release: Chemical fire at a building at Bailey Mine in East Finley

By Lisa DePaoli | May 20, 2024

The Center for Coalfield Justice (CCJ) is deeply concerned about the chemical fire that broke out early this morning at the Omnis Bailey Plant, located on the CONSOL Energy property in Greene County. The fire has necessitated an extended response from local and regional fire crews and first responders, raising significant environmental and public health concerns.


Updates on the Bailey Omnis Prep Plant

By CCJ | May 20, 2024

Early this morning, a large fire was reported above ground at the Bailey Prep Plant in West Finley, PA. So far, we know that first responders are on the scene, residents are being evacuated, and the building contains “an unknown amount of diesel fuel” and other chemicals for a “frother.” Right now, the biggest known […]

Mingo 46 scaled

The Ram Mine Has Been Denied

By Ethan Story | February 14, 2024

Mingo Creek taken by Allison Evans The PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) accepted an application for a new underground mine – the Ram No. 1 Mine – on February 25, 2015. Ram Mining, LLC (RAM), a Kentucky-based company with a history of coal mining in West Virginia and southwestern Virginia, submitted the application. RAM’s […]

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