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Public Notices

Public Notices from February 17, 2018

Public notices from Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection – click the title to read them. 

Public Notices from January 20th

Last week NPDES renewal permit for the Eighty Four Mine now called Washington County Coal Company and pipeline encroachment permits for Shell Pipeline near Houston, PA. Click below for more information. 

Public Notices from January 6th and January 13th

Below are public notices from Department of Environmental Protection. Click the title to read them all. 

Bailey Mine Permitting Update

On Friday, November 3, 2017, the Department of Environmental Protection (“DEP”) issued Permit Revision No. 209 to Coal Mining Activity Permit 30841316. Permit Revision No. 209 authorizes Consol to conduct longwall mining in the 6L – 8L panels of the Bailey Mine.  There has been some confusion about whether Permit Revision No. 209 authorizes longwall […]

Comments on Applications, Reports, & Regulations

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