Tell Our Elected Officials to Let Community In – No Backroom Deals on Hydrogen!

Posted Oct 25, 2022, by Nina Victoria

Governor Wolf, Harrisburg legislators, and the fossil fuel industry are working together behind closed doors to spend billions of Pennsylvania taxpayer dollars advancing policies that would subsidize the production of blue hydrogen.

[The time for this action has passed. We’re leaving the blog for educational purposes]

Say NO to Billion-Dollar Backroom Hydrogen Deals!

“Clean hydrogen” is the newest climate change fad: billions of federal dollars have been allocated toward advancing this technology, which is touted as a zero-emission solution to decarbonize difficult sectors, like transportation and manufacturing. However, Harrisburg’s plan is to invest in blue hydrogen, which uses natural gas to produce hydrogen fuel – resulting in a 20% increase in emissions, compared to burning natural gas on its own. This plan ignores predictions that green hydrogen, which uses renewable energy to produce hydrogen fuel, will be cost-competitive with blue hydrogen by or before 2030.

The worst part? The development of hydrogen hubs will significantly impact communities across Pennsylvania, but legislators in Harrisburg are pushing forward with their plans anyway, without any real community engagement.

Make your voice heard! Tell Governor Wolf and your state legislators that we deserve thoughtful, deliberate policies to address the climate crisis, not more fossil fuel giveaways. [Action no longer available]



  • Nina Victoria

    Nina Victoria is excited to join the CCJ team as our Community Advocate. She was previously our Policy Fellow. Before beginning work at CCJ, Nina graduated from Duquesne University School of Law, where she served as Editor-In-Chief of JOULE: Duquesne Energy & Environmental Law Journal and an intern for PA State Senator James Brewster’s office. Before law school, Nina attended the University of Washington where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. As a lifelong resident of Coal Center, PA, Nina is passionate about protecting the health and safety of the residents of Southwestern PA and our natural resources. Whether it is gardening, paddleboarding, or playing with her dog, when Nina is not working you will likely find her outside enjoying the fresh air.

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