2022 Year in Review

Posted Dec 6, 2022, by Veronica Coptis

2022 Year end appeal

For the first time since 2020, we were able to engage more directly with our community – and our engagement with residents in Washington and Greene Counties has more than doubled. It is not surprising to see more people getting involved as in this past year we have seen over 10,000 acres of new coal mine expansions, the impacts of inflation being used as a political ploy to double down on fossil fuel extraction while ignoring the role of corporate greed, and record levels of public money being allocated from the government that may or may not address the climate crisis. 

As a result of our growing interest from communities seeking CCJ for support and leadership investment, our organization has gone through significant growth. We added six new full time staff, hosted four fellows, and held our first-ever paid canvass. These positions will add to our ability to organize in Washington and Greene Counties while also coordinating events, making our social media presence more robust, managing our databases and making it easier to take action, and tracking policies that impact our communities. This ensures that as the impacts of environmental and economic injustice increase in our region, we will have the capacity to reach new people, answer folks’ questions, and mobilize Pennsylvanians to hold decision makers accountable. 

The Center for Coalfield Justice gets its power from people like you being part of the organization. Monitoring for pollution in your towns, sharing your concerns with your legislators, and letting your neighbors know they are not alone – these actions add up, and we are grateful to be in community and solidarity with you.

Please include CCJ in your year-end giving with a donation to support our work in 2023!

Your donations and memberships will allow us to continue holding our government and the fossil fuel industry accountable. Your donation will protect our constitutional rights to clean water and clean air. Your donation will invest in the leadership of poor and working-class communities to strengthen our local economies. Next year we are excited to take the organization’s power to the next level, and we can only do that with your support. 

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  • Veronica Coptis

    Veronica Coptis joined the CCJ staff in March 2013 as a Community Organizer and is now serving as the Executive Director. She grew up in western Greene County near the Bailey Mine Complex and currently lives in the eastern part of the county. Before joining the CCJ staff, Veronica served on the Board of Directors for CCJ and organized with Mountain Watershed Association. She received a bachelor’s degree in biology from West Virginia University. She enjoys hiking and geocaching at Ryerson State Park and other areas around Greene County with her husband and daughters. Read more about Veronica in a New Yorker Magazine profile at https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/07/03/the-future-of-coal-country. Contact Veronica at veronica@centerforcoalfieldjustice.org.

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