Protect Healthcare & Jobs In Washington & Greene Counties

Posted Sep 16, 2023, by Sarah Martik

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Quality, hometown healthcare and jobs are essential to everyone in our community. That's why we are concerned about UPMC's plan to acquire Washington Health System: we have seen how UPMC has treated other communities like ours. Over the last 15 years, UPMC acquired then closed rural hospitals in Braddock, Sunbury, Lock Haven, and Lancaster, and has severely reduced local services in McKeesport, Altoona, and elsewhere. Studies show that when UPMC takes over services in a region, healthcare worker wages and staffing are reduced, and workers have higher workloads and less of a voice in their work. Patients are hurt the most, especially when trying to navigate confusing changes to their insurance and coverage.

We need commitments that this will not happen in Washington and Greene counties.

Whatever the future of Washington Health System, we – the patients, community members, and staff – need a seat at the table. This is our community, and we are united to protect healthcare and jobs in Washington and Greene Counties.

Washington Health System's facilities and network provide critical care to thousands of rural families. We're calling on Washington Health System, regulators with the State Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission, and all elected leaders and allies to stand with us to protect and expand local healthcare services; guarantee health insurance coverage regardless of what insurance card is in our wallet; and ensure that healthcare jobs in our community are valued and that caregivers have a strong voice in the care they provide.

We've heard from some people who are excited about the acquisition, and we've heard from others who are concerned. We've heard from partners who have shared information describing UPMC as a bad actor, and we've heard from individuals who have received great care in their facilities.

This is a complex issue, and we want to know more about how our members are thinking about it. We want to take our cues from you while making sure you have access to the information you need. Our #1 priority right now is that our communities are being heard and their needs are being prioritized.

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