How Have Washington and Greene Counties Spent Opioid Settlement Funds so Far?

Posted May 13, 2024, by Paul Fedore

Opioid Settlement County Spending Update Graphic

CCJ has been working closely with community members, service providers, and other local advocates to encourage the county to spend opioid settlement funds in a way that increases and expands the amount of harm reduction and recovery resources and services we have in our area. 

Annually on March 15th,  counties must submit their reports for how they have spent and are planning to spend the opioid settlement funds they’ve received. Since that deadline was waived last year, this year will be the first time counties will be reporting since receiving the funds. This blog will provide you with a broad update on how the funds have been spent and plan to be spent in your community. You can find these reports online, thanks to the folks at Spotlight Pa

So far, counties reported their spending for August 1st 2022- December 31st 2023. The counties can request to extend the amount of time they have to expend the rest of the funds,which many are doing, because they had limited time to plan for and spend very large sums of money.

According to the report, the county has received over $2.2 million and has spent only $454,339.47 so far. Those funds are going towards program improvements and provision of treatment services at Greenbriar Treatment Center. This was already a remediation strategy implemented before the county started receiving settlement funds. 

The categories that describe the remediation strategy at Greenbriar are as follows: Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and other opioid-related treatment; expansion of warm handoff programs; and recovery services and prevention programs, all within the Greenbriar Facility. The amount being spent is a bit different than what was previously discussed at a meeting with the County Commissioners, where they stated they had $600,000 set aside for this project. 

This strategy will be fulfilled by implementing the following Exhibit E approved uses: 

  • Provide treatment and recovery support services such as residential and inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, outpatient therapy or counseling, and recovery housing that allow or integrate medication with other supportive services
  • Provide extensive wrap-around services to individuals in recovery, including housing, transportation, job placement/training, and childcare
  • Funding for education and outreach for medical providers and hospitals regarding best prescribing practices for opioids consistent with the 2016 CDC guidelines.

As far as future plans for the rest of the funds, they are still being determined by the County Commissioners. According to the report, the county is looking to spend the remaining amount of funds, $1,755,952.45, on MAT, other forms of treatment for incarcerated individuals, and other prevention programs. 

The Exhibit E approved uses for these funds as of now are as follows: 

  • Increase funding for jails to provide treatment for Opioid Use Disorder (OUD)
  • Provide evidence-based treatment and recovery support, including MAT for persons with OUD and co-occurring SUD/MH disorders within and transitioning out of the criminal justice system
  • Provide MAT education and awareness training to healthcare providers, EMTs, law enforcement, and other first responders

Greene County received $287,828.04, but reported that they have not spent any of the funds and that there are no future plans for the funds. However, they did request an extension on the amount of time they have to spend the funds. This likely means that plans are being discussed but have not been determined yet.

CCJ will continue to follow the movement of these funds, and encourage both counties to be transparent when spending the funds and to take public input into consideration when planning for the use of these funds throughout our communities. We will provide updates as we receive new information. For more information regarding this work, please contact our Community Organizer, Paul Fedore at 412-229-7333 or paul@centerforcoalfieldjustice.org 


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