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Opioid Settlement County Spending Update Graphic

How Have Washington and Greene Counties Spent Opioid Settlement Funds so Far?

By Paul Fedore / May 13, 2024
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CCJ has been working closely with community members, service providers, and other local advocates to encourage the county to spend opioid settlement funds in a way that increases and expands the amount of harm reduction and recovery resources and services we have in our area.  Annually on March 15th,  counties must submit their reports for […]

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Opioid Settlement Update Graphic

Opioid Settlement Funds Update

By Paul Fedore / April 19, 2024
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Image: High Cost of Medicine (dollar), by Markus Mainka, Canva With many lawsuits already settled and others held up due to bankruptcy cases, money from the nationwide opioid settlements has been flowing to states and localities, including Washington and Greene Counties. Here are some of the latest updates:  Drugmaker Mallinckrodt filed for a second bankruptcy that […]

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Purdue Pharmaceuticals Bankruptcy Settlement Paused

By Paul Fedore / September 5, 2023
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While state and local governments have begun receiving their share of opioid settlement funds from a variety of parties held responsible for harm, the maker of the drug that is at the center of the opioid crisis, Purdue Pharma, has been trying to shield its wealthy Sackler family owners from further lawsuits over their role […]

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Testing Strips

Federal agencies approve new Harm Reduction Resources

By Paul Fedore / August 28, 2023
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Harm Reduction advocates have been hard at work trying to get state, local and federal governments to increase and expand resources and services to combat the opioid crisis and mitigate the amount of overdoses and overdose deaths across the nation. A couple new resources are now available. Recently, a test strip pre-order form was created […]

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Opioid Fund Transparency Petition Action Alert Facebook Event Cover

Tell your Commissioners: Practice Transparency when Spending Opioid Settlement Funds

By Paul Fedore / August 10, 2023
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There is a lot of money coming into local governments from the recent opioid settlements, and county commissioners are the ones in charge of spending it. There is nothing saying that the public must be made aware of how they spend the funds. We need to make sure these funds are used properly, and the […]

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