Nick Hood

Nick Hood is the Senior Organizer at CCJ. Nick and his family have lived, worked, and recreated in Washington County for their entire lives. He attended the University of Pittsburgh and earned his degree in Environmental Studies. Nick is passionate about the environment and his community, and hopes to see an increase in environmental protection to help ensure the health and well-being of his family, including his 4 nephews and 1 niece. As a part of his goals, he aims to educate and provide the community with the necessary knowledge and tools to combat pollution and corruption perpetuated by the large energy companies. When he is not working, he likes to play music, watch baseball, and spend time with his family and friends.

Contact Nick at nick@centerforcoalfieldjustice.org.

Blog Posts by Nick Hood

Black Lung and Silica Rule Updates

By Nick Hood | August 28, 2023

Living in coal country, most of us know someone who has – or, more unfortunately, had – black lung, silicosis, and other respiratory diseases associated with coal mining.   Sure, on paper the companies may show compliance with state regulations, but the fact is, more and more miners receive diagnoses of irreversible and progressive lung […]

Petition Regarding the Undermining of I-70

By Nick Hood | February 10, 2023

The mining company Tunnel Ridge has recently applied to expand their mining operations to go under major roadways in western parts of Washington County including, but not limited to, the West Alexander and Claysville areas.  These major roadways include Interstate 70 (I-70) and the Historic National Road, PA Route 40 (Rt. 40). Section 1501 of […]

IPCs Held for Three Coal Mine Expansions

By Nick Hood | September 26, 2022

Three virtual Informal Public Conferences (IPCs) were held by the PA Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) in the past month for Consol Mining’s latest three expansions. The Bailey, Enlow, and Harvey Mines all applied for development mining permits to set up for future longwall panels. In total, roughly 7,000 acres of land within Greene […]

How Did Coal Get Mixed Up with Cryptocurrency?

By Nick Hood | April 20, 2022

Cryptocurrency is just about everywhere these days. The two most well known and currently used are Bitcoin and Ethereum, but there are numerous others out there as well.

We had fun at our Kids’ Fishing Day at Dutch Fork Lake!

By Nick Hood | June 9, 2021

The Dutch Fork Lake Free Kids’ Fishing day, offered by CCJ and the BCWA (Buffalo Creek Watershed Association), was a good time for all that came out. All but one of the young ones got to reel in a fish at some point during the day. Not only did participants get to do some fishing, […]

Money Pit: Cumberland Closing Looms as Coal Companies Face Rapidly Diminishing Markets

By Nick Hood | September 18, 2020

In February, while the company was contemplating the $60-million coal-refuse impoundment, David Stetson, CEO of Contura Energy, stated “…it is clear that these properties are not economical and will not be able to deliver the kind of value we strive for in our portfolio.”  I decipher this statement as, ‘the higher-ups at Contura Energy are […]

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