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Why Saving Seeds is a Radical Act

By Kristen Locy / March 8, 2022

Growing your own food and saving your own seeds is a radical act of self-sufficiency. In our modern, fast-paced world, many people would say food comes from “the supermarket” and couldn’t recognize the plants that grow their food. That isn’t the fault of most people who are busy working two jobs just to survive. Our […]

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Anti-RGGI House Bill 637 Is a Bad Deal for Pennsylvania

By Veronica Coptis / March 3, 2022

This piece was written by Veronica Coptis in response to a proposed amendment to House Bill 637. For context, see this article in the Indiana Gazette and this one in the PA Environment Digest blog.  I’m from coal country. Like other coal communities, we have been neglected by the rest of the country. I grew […]

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A Recap of our February Community Meeting: Examining Climate

By Lisa DePaoli / February 24, 2022

At our February Community Meeting on Tuesday night, we launched our Examining Climate blog series by discussing two critical topics related to climate change: a Just Transition and renewable energy.  CCJ Campaign Manager Sarah Martik kicked off the meeting by explaining that the climate crisis is real, human-induced, and that it’s impacting communities right now. […]

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CCJ Applauds Funding to Reclaim Abandoned Mine Lands and Close and Clean Up Orphaned Gas Wells and Sites

By Lisa DePaoli / February 22, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Contact: Lisa DePaoli, lisa@centerforcoalfieldjustice.org, 724-229-3550, ext. 5   WASHINGTON, PA — In response to the Department of the Interior announcing almost $245 million for the state of Pennsylvania for reclaiming abandoned mine lands (AML), along with a potential for $330 million for the proper closure and cleanup of orphaned gas wells and well […]

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You Can’t Solve the Climate Crisis without a Just Transition

By Veronica Coptis / February 18, 2022

The Center for Coalfield Justice is excited to announce a new blog series written by our staff: Examining Climate. For the first half of the year, CCJ staff members will be sharing their favorite (or least favorite) climate solution, looking at the benefits and the costs in the hope of sparking an honest conversation about how we […]

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Pennsylvania to receive $1.07 billion from the $26 billion opioid settlement

By Paul Fedore / February 15, 2022

As of January 26th, all 67 Pennsylvania counties have joined the $26 billion settlement agreement with the nation’s three major pharmaceutical distributors – Cardinal, McKesson, AmerisourceBergen, and Johnson & Johnson – over the companies’ role in creating and fueling the nationwide opioid crisis. This settlement will allocate funding to the states and local communities that […]

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Radon: What it is, and how we can protect our families

By Ethan Story / December 21, 2021

What Is Radon? Radon is created when uranium found in the soil, rocks, and underground water breaks down. It is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, and travels vertically through holes and cracks in the ground; this gas can sometimes enter homes, businesses, and schools. When inhaled, radon can increase the risk of cancer and result in […]

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On the naughty list: State funding for a facility to transport fracking wastewater

By Paul Fedore / December 17, 2021

As more and more decorations are being hung throughout our communities, you can feel the spirit of the holidays in the air. Soon enough, people will be together with their families to celebrate the wonderful holiday season, stuffing our faces with delicious food, playing games, and having some great laughs. That one Holly Jolly guy […]

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