Tell Cecil Township to increase protections for residents living near fracking!

Posted Apr 11, 2024, by CCJ

Cecil Action

In March, you may have seen our update regarding ongoing concerns residents of Cecil Township have had as Operations via Range Resources have plagued their families with the detrimental nuisance of constant noise and vibrations in addition to air quality and water quality concerns that pose health risks to their families.

If you’re a resident, you can share your concerns by signing the letter. When you sign, your Cecil Township Board of Supervisors will automatically receive this letter from you via email.

In addition, please consider joining us at the next hearing on May 8th at 6:00 PM at the Cecil Township Municipal Building to voice your concerns on the record. If you are interested in supporting getting a flyer to your neighbors by knocking on doors, please reach out to us. You may see some of us knocking on doors in the coming weeks to make sure everyone knows to attend the hearing on May 8th.


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