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Falcon Pipeline Shell

CCJ now has permit trackers for the Shell cracker plant and Falcon pipeline

By Ethan Story / May 8, 2020
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Shell is building a cracker plant in Beaver County, PA due to the abundance of Marcellus shale gas found in the state. The Shell ethane cracker plant takes ethane, a component of natural gas, and creates ethylene with it. This is done by heating up the ethane until it breaks apart (or cracks) the molecular […]

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Compressor station

Fracking and Petrochemicals: Good for Our Economic Future?

By Veronica Coptis / February 14, 2020
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Over the past year, CCJ launched our economic justice and diversity work with Greene County residents. We spent most of last year deep in community with the people living across the county, wondering how elected officials are going to improve our economy to increase access to good-paying union jobs and protect our valuable natural resources. […]

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