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Forward Together: Finding Hope in the Results of Pitt’s Studies on Fracking and Public Health

By Heaven Sensky / August 31, 2023
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I’m sure like many of you, I found it difficult to sleep at night after the meeting about the results of the Pitt PA Health and Environment studies. Not because I was in despair, but because I was reeling with energy from the meeting. I was asked by a reporter what I was most angry about coming out of the meeting, and I paused to think of the crucial reason my stomach was turning. I found myself unable to, and responded that I was far more hopeful than I was angry.

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Thanks to Everyone Who Made Our First MAD FACTS Meeting a Success!

By Jodi Borello / June 29, 2023
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Thank you to all of our community members who attended our first MAD FACTS – Moms and Dads: Family Awareness Cancer Threat Spike meeting at North Strabane Park on June 15th. The meeting was a great success and it wouldn’t have been possible without the concerned residents and impacted families who attended. It was an […]

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Community Demands Accountability from EQT on Anniversary of Greene County Fracking Incident

By Lisa DePaoli / June 20, 2023
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Residents and supporters rally, call for action to support the community concerned about contaminated water wells Canonsburg, PA – Time and time again, EQT shows that they don’t care about the communities they operate in. Since the corporation’s pollution incident last year, an entire community’s water supply has been at risk of being unusable due […]

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Press Release: Parents Still Left in the Dark about Childhood Cancer Studies, Demand Update from Pitt and the DOH

By Lisa DePaoli / May 22, 2023
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 18, 2023 Contact: Lisa DePaoli, Communications Manager, Center for Coalfield Justice, 724-229-3550, lisa@centerforcoalfieldjustice.org Ned Ketyer, M.D., F.A.A.P., President, Physicians for Social Responsibility Pennsylvania, 724-255-7440, ned@psrpa.org Scott Smith, Communications Manager, Environmental Health Project, 412-600-0738, ssmith@environmentalhealthproject.org PARENTS STILL LEFT IN THE DARK ABOUT CHILDHOOD CANCER STUDIES, DEMAND UPDATE FROM PITT AND DEPT OF […]

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Tell the PA Department of Health: Update the Public on Childhood Cancer Study

By Alli Greenlief / May 10, 2023
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In November 2019, Governor Tom Wolf committed to spending $3 million on a pair of studies to explore the potential health impacts of oil and gas development after families impacted by rare childhood cancers demanded that the state investigate the cause of an apparent increase in rare childhood cancers in communities experiencing shale gas development. The Pennsylvania […]

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The New Freeport Fracking Incident Timeline and Updates

By Tonya Yoders / April 21, 2023
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It has been almost a year since an EQT shale gas well interacted, or “communicated”, with a shallow abandoned well in New Freeport, PA. This resulted in fracking fluid spilling out and potentially getting into the water supply of residents in the area. This occurred on June 19, 2022, and it did not take long […]

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