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We had fun at our Kids’ Fishing Day at Dutch Fork Lake!

By Nick Hood / June 9, 2021
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The Dutch Fork Lake Free Kids’ Fishing day, offered by CCJ and the BCWA (Buffalo Creek Watershed Association), was a good time for all that came out. All but one of the young ones got to reel in a fish at some point during the day. Not only did participants get to do some fishing, […]

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Dutch Fork Lake: We Cannot Afford to Lose it Again

By Ethan Story / April 20, 2021
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Tunnel Ridge mine is moving closer and closer to Dutch Fork Lake, located in Washington County. Recently the mine has proposed a revision to add on over 5,300 acres of development mining under the feeder streams to Dutch Fork and Dutch Fork Lake itself. The purpose of development mining is to set up the panels for longwall, full-extraction mining.

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Traffic Jam

I-70 Delays Upset Local Residents

By Nick Hood / January 23, 2019
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Mining operations under I-70 near the West Virginia and Pennsylvania border have begun and will cause delays for commuters.  These specific lane closures will last until at least the end of May, and this is just the first leg of many in the marathon of destroying and rebuilding the highway.  PennDOT executives estimate that the […]

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Nick undermining for residents workshop

Residents in Footprint of Tunnel Ridge Learn Proactive Steps to Protect Homes and Water Supplies

By Nick Hood / November 15, 2018
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The Center for Coalfield Justice along with friends from the Buffalo Creek Watershed Association held an “Undermining for Residents Workshop” at the Donegal Township Municipal Building in the evening on Wednesday 14, 2018 and nearly forty (40) people attend. Community members were engaged, asked questions and talked amongst themselves in hopes to better understand what […]

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