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Health Advocacy Groups Say Pennsylvania Department of Health Not Actively Protecting Pennsylvanians Living Near Shale Gas Development

By Heaven Sensky / July 9, 2020
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While residents continue to fear for their health, DOH is taking a hands-off approach.  In a subsequent virtual meeting, however, on June 26, between DOH Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine and DOH staff members and two public health advocacy organizations – Physicians for Social Responsibility-Pennsylvania (PSR-PA) and the Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project (EHP) – raised […]

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CCJ Pathways of Exposure

Radiation and Fracking

By Kristen Locy / March 5, 2020
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Pathways of Exposure Infographic Find more information on our Radioactive Fracking Resource page In many ways this is a complicated topic, but in other ways it is quite simple. The Marcellus shale that sits beneath the surface of the earth we stand on is naturally radioactive. When it is fracked to release natural gas, it […]

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DOH Public Meeting

How many more of my friends have to die before the state takes action?

By Heaven Sensky / October 8, 2019
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As many of you have been following, the Department of Health of the great State of Pennsylvania held a public meeting at Canon-McMillan High School last night, October 7th, to discuss the methodology used to draw up their report, which concluded that there is no cancer cluster within the district.  As many of our followers […]

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CCJ’s Response to Department of Health Determination on Washington County Cancer Cluster

By Veronica Coptis / April 23, 2019
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The Center for Coalfield Justice will continue to follow and support the community around concerns of environmental impacts on increased cancer occurrences in children following the report released by the Pennsylvania Department of Health stating that there is no apparent cancer cluster in Canon-McMillan nor Washington County. We know from our allies across the coalfields […]

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