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solar panels in the sun at Ryerson

Anti-RGGI House Bill 637 Is a Bad Deal for Pennsylvania

By Veronica Coptis / March 3, 2022
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This piece was written by Veronica Coptis in response to a proposed amendment to House Bill 637. For context, see this article in the Indiana Gazette and this one in the PA Environment Digest blog.  I’m from coal country. Like other coal communities, we have been neglected by the rest of the country. I grew […]

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Radon: What it is, and how we can protect our families

By Ethan Story / December 21, 2021
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What Is Radon? Radon is created when uranium found in the soil, rocks, and underground water breaks down. It is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, and travels vertically through holes and cracks in the ground; this gas can sometimes enter homes, businesses, and schools. When inhaled, radon can increase the risk of cancer and result in […]

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“The New Coal” — What Climate Conversations Miss About Coal Communities

By Sarah Martik / November 22, 2021
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A report was recently released by Beyond Plastics, a non-profit organization based out of Bennington College in Vermont that seeks to end plastic pollution.  This 21-page report does a wonderful job of explaining the comparisons in climate-changing emissions from the coal industry and the plastic industry. Plastics manufacturing currently emits the CO2 equivalent of 57 […]

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Hemp Can Help to Regrow Our Local Economy

By Kristen Locy / November 10, 2021
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In late September, a few CCJ staff members took a field trip to Burnsville Hemp Company in West Finley in Washington County, with Greene County and the Bailey Mine CRDA just a stone’s throw away (see the photo above). As we drove through the winding roads to the farm, I was amazed how much of […]

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CCJ Applauds Governor Wolf, Lawmakers on Actions to Prioritize Environmental Justice

By Lisa DePaoli / October 28, 2021
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WASHINGTON, PA — In response to Governor Wolf’s Executive Order to codify and expand the Office of Environmental Justice and the Environmental Justice Advisory Board (EJAB), and planned legislation by the Black Caucus to both support the executive order and require an environmental impact statement on permits, the Center for Coalfield Justice released the following statement:

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Close the Loophole Info Graphic

Close the Loophole in State Laws Governing the Disposal of Toxic Drilling Waste

By Phoenix White / August 9, 2021
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Because of a shortsighted exemption made 30 years ago, Pennsylvanians are exposed daily to potentially toxic and radioactive waste produced by the oil and gas industry. For the last three decades, these companies have taken advantage of a loophole in state laws governing the disposal of toxic drilling waste.

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