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CCJ at MIT – Legacies of Coal: In Search of a Just Transition

By CCJ / May 11, 2023
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Back in April, our Community Organizer for Greene County, Tonya Yoders, sat on a panel at MIT during their event titled Legacies of Coal: In Search of a Just Transition. Reflecting on her experience, Tonya stated that speaking on the panel at MIT was, “something I never would have thought I would get to do.” […]

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New Freeport water

Donate Today to the New Freeport Water Drive

By Tonya Yoders / November 10, 2022
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New Freeport, a community in Greene County, has been without safe, clean drinking water for 10 months. In June, a shale gas well owned by EQT had a frack out, which occurred when the chemicals pumped into the well to fracture the shale and release gas instead entered an abandoned well. Dozens of households are […]

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Screen Shot 2021 09 16 at 9.25.07 AM

Updates on the Robena preparation plant site, and a short survey for those who live nearby

By Ethan Story / May 10, 2021
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No hatred

We Must Unite Against Racism in Our Communities

By Veronica Coptis / October 2, 2020
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It is disgusting and hateful that KKK flyers are being distributed throughout Greene County over the past few weeks, but it should not be surprising. White supremacists are everywhere, and white supremacy is embedded in many of our institutions. No community is immune from this hateful ideology, and a community that willfully ignores this hateful […]

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Cumberland Mine overhead

Money Pit: Cumberland Closing Looms as Coal Companies Face Rapidly Diminishing Markets

By Nick Hood / September 18, 2020
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In February, while the company was contemplating the $60-million coal-refuse impoundment, David Stetson, CEO of Contura Energy, stated “…it is clear that these properties are not economical and will not be able to deliver the kind of value we strive for in our portfolio.”  I decipher this statement as, ‘the higher-ups at Contura Energy are […]

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Action Consol Energy

Economic Solutions, not Empty Soundbites

By Veronica Coptis / August 20, 2020
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As the general election gets closer so do the campaign ads, endorsements, and conversations on who to vote for and why. In Greene and Washington counties, it means seeing and hearing big bold rhetoric about the importance of voting to save coal and gas jobs. These jobs are critical to our region. However, protecting our […]

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